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karen buckleyKaren Wilhelm Buckley is Founder and Principle Consultant with Communicore Consulting Services. Founded in 1979, Communicore partners with key leaders in the public and private sector through consultation, facilitation, coaching and training to develop effective organizations that integrate what is required for the success of the human heart with what is required for a highly successful business.

In addition, Karen is also the Founder and Director of the Wisdom Connection and a small non-profit, the Wisdom Leadership Initiative. Both organizations are devoted to developing women leaders and their feminine wisdom for a better, more just and sane world.

Intuition and Wisdom in Leadership
An early pioneer in the use of intuition and
wisdom in the workplace, Karen is currently researching and writing on the development of wisdom in leadership, with a focus on articulating the distinctions on feminine wisdom.

Ms. Buckley is a recognized international speaker who speaks at annual meetings and leading-edge forums on Managing Complex Change, Wise Feminine Leadership, Spirit in Business, Corporate Citizenship, and Effective Meetings in the United States and Europe.

Karen’s work on organizational change, the invisible sides of leadership and resonant leadership has been published in a number of professional journals and books, including Transforming Work and Transforming Leadership, edited by John D. Adams, 1984 and 1986, re-published in 1998 The Washington Post called each “A classic in its field.”

Professional Service and Honors
The World Business Academy awarded Ms. Buckley the first Annual Willis Harman Award in 1990 for her outstanding contribution as a Fellow of the Academy.
Fellow: World Business Academy, 1986-present
Founding Board Member: Spirit in Business Global Institute, 2002-2005
Board Chair: Coros Institute, Sacramento, CA 2000-present
Founder and Board Chair: Wisdom Leadership Initiative, 2003-present
Advisory Council Member: California Institute for Integral Studies, Organization Development and Transformation Program, 1987-1989
Program Co-Chair, Spirit at Work Track, American Society for Training and Development, 1982-4
Program Co-Chair, Organization Development Network, Best in the West Conference, 1983
Program Committee and Speaker, ODN National Conference, 1985
Founder and Board member of the GreenWood School, an innovative Waldorf inspired school in Mill Valley, California. 1991-2002

References are available upon request.

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“To survive in the world we have transformed, we must learn to think in a new way. As never before, the future of each depends on the good of all."

—from a statement by 100 Nobel laureates celebrating
the 100th anniversary of the Nobel prize

“We are all spiritual beings, composed of minds, bodies and a spiritual side. To unleash the whole capability of the individual -- mind, body and spirit -- gives enormous power to the organization. It truly empowers members of the organization to devote their entire beings to the ultimate purpose for which the organization exists, which is to serve others.”

—William George, Chairman Medtronic Corporation

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