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As we effectively talk together, we access a greater wisdom. Communicore facilitation gets people talking with each other so they can make smart decisions, solve thorny problems, anticipate the future, appreciate what is working, and focus on what really matters.

Trained by Interaction Associates in 1979 in the methods and principles of neutral facilitation Karen has facilitated small and large meetings, management retreats and team conflicts for all types of organizations. In addition, Karen works with public participation processes in communities that encourage good decision-making and increase motivation and ability to talk about what matters. Please see client list.

Practical and pragmatic about getting to the results you want – Karen partners with you to develop the meeting strategy and agenda and facilitate excellent communication, problem solving, decision making and collective wisdom.

Collective Wisdom and Resonance
Resonance and its’ role in building collective wisdom is important to talk about and understand now for two reasons: One is that the entangled problems facing our world

today will not easily be solved by dissonance, or interactions that aren’t working together toward resonance. Collective wisdom is greater than individual wisdom and builds a resonance that amplifies the potentials, whether they are life engendering or not. We need to build the coherence of our efforts to counteract the laser like focus of many national and global efforts that are not life engendering when looked at from the long view.

The second is that each of us have an important role to play, a gift that is ours to bring. As we experience resonance internally our inner light shines, illuminating others. Our voices carry more information that words simply convey; we exude a quality of assurance and calm in the face of complexity and chaos. An inner state of resonance increases the body of knowledge and information available through intuition or direct knowing.

Please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can increase the effectiveness of your meetings.




“This is a world…that constantly surprises us with the wisdom that exists not in any one of us but in all of us. And a world where we learn that the wisdom we need to solve our problems is available when we talk together.”

—Margaret Wheatley

“Creating a positive future begins in human conversation. The simplest and most powerful investment any member of an organization may make is to begin talking with other people as though the answers matter to them.”

—William Greider

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