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What do you need to build the life and business of your dreams?

Communicore offers a private, directed program for entrepreneurs, leaders and emerging leaders. Are you ready?

Engage in Communicore coaching to create the life and work you most desire. Please contact us to see if you qualify for a free ½ hour of coaching. We’d love to talk with you.

Three Principles of
Leadership Excellence
Three principles form the foundation for Communicore consulting and coaching. Over the past 29 years we found that these drive leadership excellence in today’s world.

Qualities Of Presence – Are you mindful of both the details and big picture, compassionate and decisive, leading in both the visible and invisible realms?

Cohesive Intention – Have you built a connection between your daily actions and long- term plans based on your own fundamental purpose and essential values? What are the questions that you are asking? Will they lead you and your organization in high priority directions – the ones that really matter?

Resonant Action – Are you receiving and utilizing insight and feedback to build a highly productive resonant field in your organization?

Generative Leadership
We advance a generative leadership in entrepreneurs, managers and executives. You will build a powerful vision and learn to make that vision a reality. This requires courage and a choice to inwardly listen and outwardly act with integrity. We are on your team.

Discover Your Full Potential
You will develop inner practices that empower you in bringing your vision to fruition.











Please contact us to discover how our coaching will serve you.




"Karen is a powerful and compassionate teacher and coach. She sees into the core of my issues and offers strategies from both the heart and mind that inspire me and help me successfully accomplish my professional objectives and my personal desires."

—Stephanie Moulton Peters, Councilwoman

“Those in positions to influence organizations’ power must be committed to cultivation or moral development…I doubt that few have even thought what such cultivation means…” 

—Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge


“I know that I can share ANY challenge I’m having with my business, big or small, personal or general, and Karen will respond with caring enthusiasm and respect. With Karen’s coaching and her warm energy, I’ve been able to achieve so much so fast, and learn a TON about myself along the way. She is truly a trusted mentor.”

—Julie Watts,
Julie Watts Photo

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