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Through our work, organizations gain momentum as they remove barriers to accomplishing their foremost, most meaningful vision. After getting to know your situation and overall intention we might work on any or all of the following levels:

Assess your organization
a) Assess current vitality, strengths and directions for improvement. We work to candidly assess what is diminishing effectiveness and to appreciatively highlight strengths. The result is an honest appraisal, a focus on what’s working, and a firm foundation for the future.

Build a compelling vision
b) Build upon the vision elements already in place to create a compelling statement of purpose, principles and a company vision. Create a collaborative visioning process that articulates core values and shapes a resonant mission.

Develop generative plans
c) Through a unique blend of technique and insight, we work with

you to define priorities and develop strategy for improving relationships, service, and performance throughout the organization.

Accelerate appreciative leadership
d) Develop leadership that discovers and reinforces the best of “what is”. Learn to highlight the best and most innovative for increased organizational capacity.

Build high performing teams
e) Strengthen the ability of key staff to build motivated teams that really work together and accomplish stellar results.

Increase organizational learning
f) Create a feedback system that increases everyone’s learning. When vital information is shared the organization becomes increasingly self-regulating and poised to take advantage of future opportunities.

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"Karen Buckley's professional guidance and skillful facilitation of our strategic planning process has been a tremendous asset in moving our organization forward with clear goals and strategies for reaching those goals...I would recommend Karen Buckley to any organization wanting to move forward in its overall development."

—Lisa Wolter, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Orange County Affiliate



"Karen has played an integral role in the functional and strategic development of MZA's Senior Management Team for over a decade, ... Her deep understanding of organizational behavior, her wisdom and sensitivity, ... [helped us to] recognize opportunities we did not perceive, to find strength in our unity and to gain clarity through communication."

—Colin A. Weil, COO, MZA Events, Inc.



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