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A number of Training Programs complement the leadership development and organization change work, helping to build capacity for ongoing organization improvement.

Meetings: Give Them Life…please!
Create business and social value through effective dialogue. Learn about the power of good conversation for organizational learning. Learn the 5 keys to devising powerful questions that matter and connect diverse perspectives. Bring individual insights into focus for committed action across functional lines.

Resonant Communications: Power-up the Human Spirit
Learn how to communicate in a dynamic and connected manner. Distinguish between habitual and resonant communications. Discover habitual destructive communication patterns that deplete commitment. Learn how to engage on all levels including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


Complex Change: A Symphony or a Cacophony?
Change is a constant in today’s world.
Learn to increase the potential for concerted actions and how to keep the positive core alive. Learn what happens in a profound change, the internal process of both the people and the organization. Differentiate minor, major and transformative level changes. Discover powerful appreciative and dialogic strategies that draw forth the intention and wisdom of people in your organization.

The Invisible Side of Leadership
Leaders face an increasingly complex external environment and changing internal values. Learn to work with the invisible aspects of the organization (culture, values, vision, etc.) as well as the more tangible, visible aspects. Increase your ability to tap into intuitive and creative potentials that lead to a state of inspired performance through learning three simple modalities. Explore strategies to turn chaos into creativity and to support the shifts in thought and heart that must transpire in order for a transformative change to occur.

We tailor these programs to meet your organization's needs. Please contact us for more information.




"I greatly enjoy and appreciate working with Karen in the arena of staff development tackling tough issues including inter-department communications, working with a diverse team and recognizing shared values."

—Lisa Wolter,
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Orange County Affiliate

“The coaching work I did with Karen was invaluable. Her insights not only helped me to recognize what I needed to do to move forward in my life and career but her guidance got my mind, body and spirit primed to press on. Intuitive, kind and consistent, Karen kept me focused and on task in my quest to further my life’s work. I am forever grateful.”

—Tracey Clark, Photographer





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