The Power of Presence: A Women’s Retreat May 18-25, 2019

Led by Karen Wilhelm Buckley and Dianne Morrison with suki munsell - on the island of Molokai, Hawaii

The wisdom and power of our presence connects us with others and elevates our state of being so that the choices we make create the future we most want.

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Presence opens our hearts and minds to the gifts behind the veil of judgments, regrets or contrived plans. We begin to remember what we care about. Illuminating the stuck places in our minds, we release wisdom and step beyond the limits of the past.

This magical retreat invites us to discover the less known aspects of who we are and how to bring more of our selves to the world while we learn to face challenging situations with equanimity, love and compassion.

Join us May 18-25 in the beauty of the Hui Ho’olana Retreat Center, a Living Sanctuary, where we will enjoy thought provoking conversations and silence, creativity, delicious food, island music and dance, and bubble baths under the sun and stars.  In addition to a robust morning program and a dynamic movement practice there will be time for walks, swimming and exploring the island. And lots of FUN!

Led by Karen Wilhelm Buckley and Dianne Morrison, pioneers in personal transformation, business consulting and executive coaching with Suki Munsell, an expert in fitness and biomechanics.

Karen is committed to creating authentic leaders, generating substantive results while evoking wisdom and love in themselves and their organizations.
Dianne has clients invent themselves as inspiring leaders who produce breakthrough results while maintaining a work life balance.

Suki works with students worldwide to move with greater efficiency and ease using her Dynamic Vitality and Dynamic Walking℠ programs.

Building on their friendship and shared commitments, Karen, Dianne and Suki invite you to join them in a transformational journey.
Aloha Nui Loa!  (warm love!)
Karen Wilhelm Buckley & Dianne Morrison & Suki Munsell

This retreat for 18 women will sell out.
Pricing for the May 18-25 Retreat is $2995.00 plus $100 Gratuities and includes:

Hui Ho’Olana - photo Rikki Cooke

Hui Ho’Olana - photo Rikki Cooke

A $500 deposit is required to hold your place.

We look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

LET’S CONNECT and share more about this magical and inspiring week.
Reach out to Anita Jones, Retreat Coordinator, for more detailed information about our week and what it can mean for you and your life.

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For an early morning peek into the women’s retreat visit my blog on Pre-Dawn Chorus: Wildness and Leadership

Reflections From Past Participants

Gentle self exploration guided by master teachers in a sanctuary of learning, delicious food, and a profoundly deep sense of community.
A magical, healthy week with dynamic women sharing love, laughter and gifts with one another.

I returned with new skills, and a transformed mindset, ready to step up and into my leadership.

Turns down the volume on the critical judgmental and encourages an exploration of inner mind and heart. You have the opportunity for a real breakthrough.

This retreat was a wonderful time to reflect on my direction. With a new perspective, a major shift was possible.
What made my experience at the Hui memorable and worthwhile? Just about everything – Rustic, low-key beauty of the location, the cared-for-ness that permeates each of the locations – the yurt, the pavilion, the lodge – one comfortable, the other two beautifully designed, built with gorgeous wood and clean. Lodge is comfortable and comforting. There is a feeling that Spirit watches over this spot. It is that special. The presence of the garden and the indigenous plants area are statements about how loved this property is. That much care and love is always felt by a guest like me. Lastly, the dedication of the staff is apparent, even when they are not visible.
Sunset Ocean view from the Hui Ho’olana Retreat Center. Photo by Rikki Cooke.

Sunset Ocean view from the Hui Ho’olana Retreat Center. Photo by Rikki Cooke.